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All natural mastic from Chios, Greece.

Tighten and Tone

With just an 15 minutes a day, ChiosGum will provide you with the ability to sculpt your own well-defined jawline naturally.

results guarenteed

Results vary from person to person but almost all users show noticeable results within the first two weeks of use.

Mastic can only be harvested from the Greek island of Chios. This 100% natural tree sap has been highly sought after for centuries because of its properties.


does it really work?

Of course! anyone who has chewed mastic before can vouch for the incredible workout it provides to your face and jaw muscles. With consistent chewing, customers can see the toning and development of their face muscles.

does mastic gum cause jaw issues?

Unlike other jaw strengthening products, mastic is not known to cause problems with the jaw! For the thousands of years that our ancestors have been chewing mastic, there has never been any correlation with jaw issues. However, we do recommend that those with prior jaw problems be hesitant with anything that works your jaw muscles.


"It's insanely strong and hard to chew - my thoughts before it arrived was that it would be soft like regular chewing gum. This stuff is the real deal and will train your jawline. I challenge anyone to chew this for more than 10 minutes without feeling a pump!!!!!"

Lincoln Black

"Great product! I’ve been chewing it for the past 2 hours and it is still as hard as when I first started chewing. I’ll be back to buy it again."

Jake Fores

This stuff really works out your jaw. I see a small difference but its only been a week.

Foster Baker

I love the all natural flavor it has and i can tell its working by how sore my jaw gets after using the trainer and gum.

Andrew Loop

Super quick shipping and has suprisingly made my teeth less yellow. Mastic seems to be the real deal.

Frank Hopper