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Chios Mastic Flavored Gum (Traditional Style)



Here you can see how ChiosGum effectively tones the jaw muscles when trained. These were taken before and after 2 months of training with 15 minute sessions every day.


The masseter is the muscle responsible for closing your mouth. When you chew ChiosGum you are working out this exact muscle. With regular jawline exercises it grows in size, just like any other muscle in your body. This creates the appearance of having a defined and sharper jawline. 


"It's insanely strong and hard to chew - my thoughts before it arrived was that it would be soft like regular chewing gum. This stuff is the real deal and will train your jawline. I challenge anyone to chew this for more than 10 minutes without feeling a pump!!!!!"

Lincoln Black

"Great product! I’ve been chewing it for the past 2 hours and it is still as hard as when I first started chewing. I’ll be back to buy it again."

Jake Fores

This stuff really works out your jaw. I see a small difference but its only been a week.

Foster Baker

Super quick shipping and has suprisingly made my teeth less yellow. Mastic seems to be the real deal.

Frank Hopper